Frequently Asked Question

  1. Where do your fruit trees come from? – Our fruit trees come from reputable nurseries or are propagated by the Garden Pool Team.
  2. Are your fruit trees GMO? – No, our fruit trees are not genetically modified organisms. The amazing diversity and uniqueness of the fruit trees are obtained by selective breeding and grafting.
  3. Can I stop by anytime to get fruit trees? – No. We are not a nursery open to the public. All trees must be ordered in advance and picked up at scheduled times by appointment only.
  4. What rootstock do you use? – The rootstock we use depends on the variety of grafted fruit tree. The rootstock information is included in the product description for each particular tree.
  5. What caliper size are your bare root fruit trees? – We opt for 3/4″ caliper size fruit trees when available. We try to avoid smaller caliper size fruit trees when possible for the best value available. The caliper size is included in the product description for each particular tree. Please note, however, that caliper size is subject to availability and may be subject to change.
  6. How big are your fruit trees? – Many bare root fruit trees are at least five foot tall, but can be pruned to a smaller size. Potted varieties vary. Sizes of potted varieties are listed on each product page.
  7. How can I add my organization to the program? – Go to our Donation Application page to add your local organization to the FT4C program and donated fruit trees.
  8. When will I get fruit? – Most trees will bear fruit by year three. Many will bear fruit on the second year and some will even bear the first year!
  9. Can I fit them in my car? – Many bare root fruit trees can fit in a vehicle or may be pruned onsite to fit.
  10. Do you deliver? – We offer delivery as an additional service to FT4C customers and complimentary delivery to participating organizations!
  11. Do you offer fruit tree placement services? – We do offer fruit tree placement service. A member of our team can come to your property and create a map of the best places to plant your fruit trees.
  12. Will you plant my fruit trees? – No. We do not offer a fruit tree planting program, sorry. The easiest way to dig for fruit tree planting is after a good rain. Holes can be easily dug and filled with good soil until your fruit trees arrive.
  13. Do you have a planting and care guide? –  Yes we do. Click here for our guide.
  14. What if I have other questions about FT4C?Contact us here or call: 480-532-5821