FT4C Spotlight: Mesa Urban Garden

Since 2010, Fruit Trees for Community has been greening and feeding the Valley with our fruit tree purchase and donation program–a customer’s purchase of three best-quality fruit/nut trees provides one tree to a participating organization.

Mesa Urban Garden is one of over twenty nonprofit organizations benefiting from the FT4C program, and we are proud to present their amazing work in this week’s FT4C Spotlight.

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Photograph from PhoenixNewTimes.com

Mesa Urban Garden is filling a vital need in the community for those who are called to get back to their roots and put seeds in the ground. Mesa Urban Garden provides everything needed to get growing: gardeners rent a raised garden plot filled with premier soil and compost integrated into the native soil, and have access to a fully stocked tool shed, a timed irrigation system, gardening tips from the incredible community, and classes taught by experts. MUG will even help gardeners figure out what to plant; community gardening is a great way to demystify the green thumb.

From the Mesa Urban Garden Facebook page:

Mesa Urban Garden is a community organization whose mission is to inspire sustainable urban living through education, community involvement and creative cooperation.

At FT4C, we deeply appreciate the importance of gardening. Community gardens bring many benefits; in addition to eating nutritious, locally-grown produce, participants in a community garden have a sense of ownership, stewardship, and engagement in their area. MUG celebrated their ground-breaking just over a year ago, and we are honored to provide them with fruit and nuts trees to enjoy for the years to come.

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Photograph from RaisingArizonaKids.com



For more information about Mesa Urban Garden and how you can get involved, please visit http://mesaurbangarden.org

To find out more about the FT4C program, visit https://ft4c.org.