FT4C Spotlight: TigerMountain Foundation

At Fruit Trees for Community, we know that a garden is more than just a garden and gardening is much more than a pastime. Today the FT4C spotlight shines on our partner organization TigerMountain foundation, where the garden is a classroom for life skills.

TigerMountain Foundation has a simple but high-reaching mission: “To empower communities to better themselves from within.” Located in South Phoenix, TigerMountain is directly combating the problems facing their community. From the Foundation’s website:

“In South Phoenix and other challenged communities where we work, there are high patterns of incarceration, bad health choices and a low ranking education system along with closed schools.”

TigerMountain Foundation at the Ahwatukee Farmer’s Market. Photograph from the TigerMountain Facebook page.

To face these challenges, TigerMountain Foundation provides instruction and mentoring in 4 focus areas: financial literacy, micro-business enterprise, workforce development, and behavioral health/substance abuse education. Education is accomplished through TigerMountain’s community gardening and landscaping initiatives:

With 4 garden locations throughout South Phoenix, the community gardening initiative provides community members with the space and support to plant and harvest produce for use at home. TigerMountain also works with at-risk youth and adults by hiring them in the garden, cultivating work ethics while instilling a sense of value in the employee. The gardens are also a host to events to unify the community and celebrate the arts–past events have included live music and painting.

TigerMountain produce can be found at farmer’s markets across the valley.

TigerMountain’s Spaces of Opportunity community garden. Photograph from TigerMountain’s Facebook page.

The landscaping initiative builds hands-on knowledge and skills. Participants perform services for local residents and businesses, including irrigation system installs and landscape design. The landscaping program provides the operating income for the foundation, all of which is invested into the community.

We’d love to see the important work at TigerMountain shaded and beautified by donated fruit trees–and you can help! With your purchase of 3 FT4C trees, you can choose to have 1 tree donated in your name.

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To learn more about TigerMountain Foundation or support their programs, visit their website here. To stay current on TigerMountain events, follow them on Facebook.