Our Team

CEO of Garden Pool

Dennis McClung is the Founder & President of the international public charity, Garden Pool. Dennis created the FT4C program to change our community for the better by providing free fruit trees to local organizations such as schools, community gardens, homeless shelters, and other great organizations.

Dennis currently has over 100 berry, nut, and fruit trees planted at his home. Dennis grew up with tropical fruit trees in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area and even lived on a deciduous fruit tree mini-orchard in rural Ohio. Dennis has successfully planted hundreds of fruit trees and has even developed his own “weeping” technique of pruning fruit trees.

Since the FT4C program began in 2012, Dennis has volunteered to help distribute thousands of berry, nut, and fruit trees to the local community. Dennis even designed and project managed the creation of the Food Forest at the Fantasy Farm, the first food forest in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Director of FT4C

Becky Knutson has been a volunteer with Garden Pool since January of 2013. In that time she has helped in a variety of roles, but her primary role has been helping with the photography and videography of classes, tours and volunteer builds. She also serves on the board as Secretary. 

Becky lives in Mesa with her husband, Shawn, and their daughter Amelia. She and her husband enjoy gardening and have garden space in both their front yard and backyard. Their urban home, which they named “Raven House Urban Farm”, also boasts 10 citrus trees, 12 fruit trees, and a variety of other edible trees, cacti and vines. One of Becky’s favorite thing to grow is the moringa tree. She loves sharing about its wonderful benefits and wants to help Garden Pool teach people around the world about its amazing potential.

Becky is proud to be a part of the FT4C program and helping bring trees to non-profit groups across the valley. She believes fruit trees and other edible plants can enrich our community and provide a wonderful gift to its residents. As director of the FT4C program it is her goal to double the number of fruit trees donated to non-profit groups each year.

FT4C Researcher

Corey Strawhun began as an intern in April 2016 and has continued to be apart of Garden Pool as a team member.  Sadly, he has yet to use giant scissors for any grand openings.



FT4C Contributing Author