Semi-Dwarf Fruit Trees

Semi-Dwarf fruit trees are one of the types of fruit trees we offer at FT4C along with standard, EZ-Pick, and 4-in-1. Semi-Dwarf fruit trees have been grafted on different rootstocks than standard fruit trees. When you receive your semi-dwarf fruit tree it will be similar in size to standard trees, but will generally grow only 75% as large as a standard fruit tree.

A semi-dwarf apple tree with a harvest life of 15 to 20 years can yield up to 500 apples per growing season. If you average production costs for homegrown apples over 10 years, the apples cost roughly a penny apiece – a definite discount over organic store-bought apples. Plant different fruit trees with different harvest seasons, and you can feast on fresh or preserved fruit year-round.

Sizes noted below indicate unpruned tree size. It’s best to prune trees to a size that allows you to reach branches easily – for picking, pruning and spraying – while standing on the ground or on a short stool or ladder.

Semi-dwarf: Medium-size trees (10 to 16 feet tall) need a 15-foot-diameter space. Annual pruning is vital to maintain height and shape. This tree size yields hundreds of fruits per season.

Standard: Large fruit trees grow 25 to 30 feet tall and require a 15- to 30-foot-diameter space, depending on fruit type. Large size makes pruning, spraying and harvesting trickier. Trees live long enough that your great-grandchildren can harvest fruit.

4-in-1: Trees contain four varieties of fruit growing on the same trunk and are ideal for small spaces. Fruits typically ripen in sequence, providing a good yield for fresh eating.